• Osteoamp

    Allogenic Morphogenetic Proteins

    Osteoamp is an allograft fusion solution, available in three different formats, that does more than just provide the structural scaffold for bone growth. The unique Osteoamp process harvests allograft tissue while maintaining the strong clinical benefits of growth factors found in bone and bone marrow cells.


  • Multiple formats:
    • Osteoamp is available in three formats - including granules, putty, and compressible sponges - in varying sizes to meet the needs of any surgeon across a broad range of patient needs, procedures, and hardware selection.
  • Clinical Evidence Based Results:
    • Published literature supports the use of Osteoamp in both cervical and lumbar spine fusion procedures and published evidence reports that Osteoamp achieves solid bone fusion in less time than Infuse.
  • Proprietary Processing:
    • Osteoamp features a unique and proprietary processing method that retains angiogenic, mitogenic, and osteoinductive growth factors found in bone marrow cells.
  • Safety:
    • Donor bone is sourced from AATB-certified and FDA-registered tissue banks in the United States.