• Osteofuse

    Bioactive Bone Graft Putty

    Osteofuse Bioactive Bone Graft Putty is comprised of a bi-phasic mineral composite combined with our patented bioactive glass and resorbable polymer carrier. The device is pre-loaded in an open barrel syringe applicator. Prior to use, the implant is manipulated to form a moldable putty that offers exceptional handling characteristics and can be packed into osseous defects, used either alone or mixed with autograft.


  • Resorption
    • The biphasic composition has been shown to be in the optimal range for cell growth, bone bonding, cell maturation and bone formation.
    • The controlled resorption rate produces a stable scaffold that allows sustained bioactivity and osteoconductivity during the healing process.
  • Bioactivity
    • In vitro studies showed apatite layer formation on the surface of the implant as early as 7 days.
    • The patented bioactive component is designed for a faster rate of bone fill than bioglass particles having a broader size range.
  • Solubility
    • The patented AOP carrier is designed for rapid resorption allowing for cellular infiltration during the inflammatory phase of the bone healing process.
    • Following resorption, this highly biocompatible carrier is eliminated through natural metabolic pathways.
  • Handling
    • Superior handling characteristics allow for shaping to any size defect.
    • Can be easily combined with autologous bone while maintaining graft integrity.