• Asyn

    Bioactive Bone Graft

    Asyn Moldable Bioactive Bone Graft Matrix is composed of carbonate apatite anorganic bone mineral, bioactive glass, and Type I collagen that can be molded to fit any size bone defect. This osteoconductive, bioactive, porous implant allows bony ingrowth across the graft site. The bone graft matrix is slowly resorbed and replaced by new bone tissue during the natural healing process.


  • Composition
    • A perfect trio of components—50% Carbonate Apatite anorganic bone mineral, 30% 45S5 Bioactive Glass, 20% Type I Collagen
    • Uniform distribution of bioactive glass and mineral particles throughout the matrix, achieved through our proprietary manufacturing process
  • Resorption
    • Not fast like beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) or slow like hydroxyapatite (HA)
    • Carbonate apatite resorption and remodeling are similar to human bone
  • Absorption
    • Almost 2x more absorbent than Vitoss® Bioactive Foam
    • Contour BA Moldable Bioactive Bone Graft delivers stem cell-rich BMA to the fusion site
  • Moldability
    • Upon hydration, Contour BA can be used in its original shape or optionally molded into alternative shapes to address the unique contours of each defect
    • Can also be used with autograft as a bone graft extender