Quality Driven. Surgeon Inspired.

Astura Medical

Est. 2014

Astura Medical was formed in 2014 to create a disciplined, multi-phased approach to developing, manufacturing, and distributing medical devices. With surgeon input and feedback at every stage of development, Astura has created an extensive line of devices of the highest quality and sleekest design.

The two essential pillars contributing to Astura Medical’s success are high-quality products and robust distribution channels. These pillars, combined with passion and innovation, drive the Astura team to achieve great success with developing devices and entering them into the spinal implant marketplace.


Driving Forward

At Astura Medical, our accomplished team is committed to developing surgeon-inspired products focused on improving patient outcomes through technological advancements for spine surgery.

This vision, infused with passion and innovation, is to support our ever-growing group of surgeon and distributor partners by offering a comprehensive range of devices that provide the highest level of intraoperative flexibility and versatility.